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The Best Waterfall Hike Near Byrdstown, TN

northrup falls

Our Favorite Waterfall Hike near Byrdstown, TN


   Hike to Northrup Falls on a warm winter day 


This is one of my favorite hikes!  It is beautiful anytime of year, but we always like to visit after a rain. The falls will be running strongest when there has been a recent rain. Just make sure to being extra shoes it can be really muddy in some areas. Colditz Cove is a 165-acre natural area located approximately two miles east of Allardt in Fentress County.It is about 20 miles from Wolf River Retreat.  Its most impressive feature is Northrup Falls. This is one of Tennessee’s most stunning waterfalls plunging more than 60 feet over a protruding rock ledge into a scenic, narrow, gorge along Big Branch Creek. The waterfall is named for the family who settled here and operated a mill above the falls in the 1800s. These high cliffs and overhangs at the falls and along the creek gorge were once used by cliff-dwelling Woodland Indians over 3,000 years ago. They primarily used these shelters during hunting season.

The beautiful trees and plants are another reason it is one of my favorite waterfall hikes. The dry ridges above the falls are lined with an oak-hickory forest dominated by white oak with  pine trees scattered throughout. On the southwest bluff, oaks, hemlock, pine are common with mountain laurel underneath. Below the falls, following Big Branch Creek there are large majestic hemlocks and white pines, believed to be over 200 years old .  Beneath these trees, beautiful rhododendron can be found along the creek. The hike is fun for all ages, but small children should be closely supervised due to steep dropoffs in areas.